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Web Site for Dr. Kenneth Clontz

Web Site for Dr. Kenneth Clontz

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    E-Mail Problem
    by Kenneth Clontz - Thursday, 10 June 1909, 05:55 PM

    To All LEJA Students:

    The LEJA department has just been converted to Zimbra which is the "new" mail reader for WIU.  However, this program has a server limitation in that the software will not read links from webpages.  See the note below for now to work around this problem:

    Email Links on Web Pages

    Why doesn't it work when I click on an browser email link to send a message to someone? Why don't "mail to" or "mailto" links works from webpages? Why doesn't Zimbra work when I click on a "send to" or "sendto" link on a webpage?

    Currently, if you click on an email link in a webpage, it either opens up your old email client, repeatedly tries to open up new browser windows, or crashes. There is one current solution, and a better one coming in January.

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    Attendance Policy
    by Kenneth Clontz - Thursday, 27 May 1909, 06:53 AM

    To All LEJA Students:

    The expressed policy of this instructor is to allow students to miss up to 6 days for any reason (excused or unexcused, for example: football games, university activities, sickness, court appearances, etc.).  Excused absences are being in court for more than 1 week, being ill for more than 1 week, military duty that exceeds one week. When appropriately documented with written materials these days will not be counted toward the 6 allowable days.  Being sick for a couple of days, being out for University functions, going to court, etc. are the reason that this instructor allows students to miss 6 days without penalty.    IF A STUDENT MISSES 7 OR MORE DAYS FOR ANY OTHER REASONS THAN THOSE DISCUSSED ABOVE, HE OR SHE WILL RECEIVE AN "F" FOR THE COURSE.  Students who come in after the roll has been called or passed around will be counted absent for the class. You are responsible for keeping track of your absences and your grades.  Do not ask me how many absences you have. 

    Please remember that this policy is still in effect and some of you are close to the 6 day limit.

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    Web Site Status
    by Kenneth Clontz - Wednesday, 26 May 1909, 07:31 PM

    To All Students:

    You are now able to log into the website.

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    Drop Date
    by Kenneth Clontz - Friday, 7 May 1909, 01:00 PM

    To All LEJA Students:

    Just a reminder that the last day to drop a class is Friday, October 26, 2007 by 4 p.m.  If you had problems with the first test and you have not spoken with Dr. Clontz, then you might want to consider dropping the class.

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    Closing Website
    by Kenneth Clontz - Thursday, 13 December 2007, 05:51 PM

    To All LEJA Students:

    You will not be able to access this site after December 20, 2007.

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